The Italian Boss's Secret Child - YUKI SHIOMIYA & Trish Morey

The Italian Boss's Secret Child

By YUKI SHIOMIYA & Trish Morey

  • Release Date: 2010-03-01
  • Genre: Femmes


"Ms. Brown Rat," that's what Philly's idol boss, Damien, has contemptuously nicknamed her. Even knowing that her boss would never be interested in her quiet and dorky self, she is still hurt by this name. Nonetheless, Damien has a passionate eye on her while she is wearing a Cleopatra costume at a masked ball, and they end up making love. The next day, he still doesn't know that Cleopatra from the party is Philly, and he selects her to join him on a big project. Now they are flying to the Gold Coast on their own….